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My favorite fics' list (of course, with links) [Sep. 11th, 2006|11:28 pm]
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I have been lurking at this site  for a long time & finally decided to make a list of the best fics I have met after ≈2 years of enjoying hp fanfiction both at this site & others. To make choice easier I will sort them by genre, each fic will have a summary & the rating. [The summaries aren't my & were mainly taken from The Nifflers Recommend section.] This list will be (hopefully) regularly updated. Enjoy!

P.S. I will be grateful to hear your opinion about the fics. Each of them has made a lasting impression on me, thus other people's opinions are particularly interesting.

The Top 4 (for now—the choice was really hard):

1) Daddy's Favorite -- Dzeytoun -- PG-13

Severus Snape has long complained about Albus Dumbledore's favoritism toward Harry Potter. Usually his voice is alone. But is he the only one who feels that way, or is he just the only one who voices the opinion? Here is how several people view the relationship between Dumbledore and Harry in the wake of Harry's fifth year.

Whether you’re a fan of Albus Dumbledore or just waiting to see him fall on his face, you’ll enjoy what this fic has to say.A quote of McGonagall:"It's just that his eyes shine when he talks about Harry breaking expensive and possibly   irreplaceable pieces of magical equipment, and they don't when he discusses the possibility of Hermione setting a record on O.W.L.s. Just what am I supposed to say? 'Twinkle damn it?'"
A Scrap of Humanity : HF : R –Slash-The Dark Arts or Schnoogle
Summary:Two years after the war, Draco is called out of exile to deal with a few things best left forgotten: a diary from a dead friend, people who have changed beyond all recognition... and  Harry.
Good fiction never fails to entertain us, but the best stories are the ones that move us and make us think. HF didn't just write an entertaining fic, but a very intelligent look into the nature of redemption and the human soul. Draco attempts to come to terms with an ever-changing concept of his own identity. His struggles to understand good and evil, and how they relate to him, are fascinating and thought provoking.
Snape is also very interesting, and I enjoyed the parallels that were drawn between him and Draco.
A Scrap of Humanity is a wonderful story for anyone who enjoys philosophy, good writing and characters that will move and touch you - and possibly even lead you to question your own beliefs about human nature. 

3) Somewhat Lighter Sympathy - Hijja - PG13   House: The Dark Arts

Summary: Lord Voldemort sends his right-hand man to hire a Muggle professional, who is supposed to take care of the Boy-Who-Lived problem once and for all. Only, the job isn’t as cut and dry as anyone would think.4)

) Dangerous Creatures - Yma – PG   House: The Dark Arts

 Summary: Kreacher’s new, filthy werewolf Master has received a letter. Kreacher wonders what it is? Kreacher hopes it’s something nasty. Kreacher is right.
 Dangerous Creatures is an original, clever one-shot, a true quality fic,  entirely written from Kreacher's point of view. This story tells how he views one Remus Lupin, the Order's resident werewolf, and Kreacher's new master. The whole fic is so in canon you would think J.K wrote it herself. And in the end, there is a nasty surprise.




Missing scenes from canon or observing differently, deeper already known scenes

1) Fight of the Bumblebee - Kate Lynn - PG-13-House: The Dark Arts
Summary: What was Tom Riddle feeling at the time of that battle? Kate Lynn has managed to put canon and fanon together - she has woven her story seamlessly into the dialogue already written by J.KR, and has been able to captivate the reader with her view into Tom Riddle's head before, during, and after the fight.

2) Meddlesome Human - Ayla Pascal - PG

Summary: A wonderful pre-HBP fic. Representing a “missing moment” in OoTP, this fic serves to explain what exactly happened when Umbridge was with the centaurs in the Forbidden Forest. The second-person POV is superbly executed and the main theme of prejudice among humans leaves the reader shocked and changed as it is explored in this fic.

3) *The Only Thing We Have To Fear* by VoxMaille -PG-13
Summary: What did Hermione *really* see in the trunk? Set during PoA.

'P-P-Professor McGonagall!" Hermione gasped, pointing into the trunk. "Sh-she said I'd failed everything!" (PoA)

But what if her fears were neither that obvious nor that trivial?VoxMaille gives Hermione's character a rare depth in this story, and explores her deepest fears, her loyalty and her affectionate side which we rarely get to see behind her often gruff behaviour.
4) *Lupin's Boggart Class With The Third Year Slytherins* by Catlady-

PG-13-  The Dark Arts
Summary: Draco’s class has the Boggart lesson with Professor Lupin (like the title says) and thus we find out their worst fears.
Remember the dramatic Boggart Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson with the Gryffindors in PoA? Catlady's story takes us right into the same lesson with students the students from Slytherin house, seen through the eyes of Professor Remus Lupin.The story delves into the fears and anxieties of the Slytherins, which differ quite a bit from those of their Gryffindor year mates.It does not only explore the often neglected personalities of minor Slytherin characters, but also gives on a few short pages a truly impressive insight into the power dynamics not only of Slytherin house, but also of a wider, close-knit community of Slytherin families.
At the same time, tone and plot are so much in canon that it's very easy to imagine this as a missing chapter of PoA. An excellent, funny and very thoughtful piece of writing, and Lupin's final conclusion can stand as a good summary of the plot:What a messed-up bunch of kids.

5) Unusual - DeeDee - G

Summary: How Ron comes to buy perfume for Hermione. 
 An interesting “missing scene” from OotP Christmas, this is a story which would be sickeningly sweet if not for the good dose of humour. DeeDee took some canon, twisted it a little, then gave a good background. The result is very enjoyable (not only, but especially for R/H shippers).

6) Admiration by Quatre-Sama

How exactly did Viktor ask Hermione to go to the Yule Ball with him? And why did she say yes?/ one-shot/ 
Quatre-Sama shows in one scene Hermione changing from being annoyed by Viktor Krum’s presence in the library to one where she feels sorry for him always being hounded by star-struck groupies. Viktor comes off as a sweet and shy guy who is plucking up his courage to ask out a young woman who intrigues him. There is also the inner workings of Hermione’s thoughts about her own best friends and what prats they’ve been about asking girls out.



1) Harry Potter's Guide to the Dark Arts -- opalish -- PG-13

Summary: Harry Potter has once again showcased his pathological need for attention by writing and publishing a completely uninformative pamphlet on the Dark Arts. Utterly useless rubbish. – The Daily Prophet.

The fic is refreshingly original, cute & funny.The narrator of the fic is Harry Potter, post-Voldemort. He’s quite sarcastic & much funnier than in the books.

2) Hold Page One! -- puck_nc – PG - House: TDA
Post-OotP oneshot (not HBP-compliant) Rita reports real news, albeit somewhat by default. Hermione meets her at the Leaky Cauldron at the end of the year to tell her that their agreement is over, and to offer her a deal: she'll tell Rita everything she knows about the Department of Mysteries battle and Voldemort's past, if Rita will only report it 'straight'.

3) Bottoms, How Do You Like Yours? - Sea Priestess – R- pseudo slash fic

Summary: Snape and Percy discuss cauldron bottoms. A short, slashy innuendo-filled one shot.
 A brilliantly delicious little piece of hilarity between Percy and Snape; an innocent conversation that goes wildly askew and misunderstood. Innuendo, double entendres, and sly wit abound in a short fic which quite possibly does not contain a single unfunny line.

4) Swinging The Vote - Admiral Albia – PG- House: TDA
Summary: It's election time again, and Remus Lupin has a reputation for being a tough voter to win over. Why is this, and will anyone ever succeed? A nicely (in a certain sense) surprising ending.

5) An Affair to Forget - Jack Ichijouji – PG

 Summary: Gilderoy Lockhart has a crush on Severus Snape. Will it remain unrequited?
I laugh out loud every time I read this story. The idea of Lockhart developing a crush on Snape is ludicrous, yet neither man feels wildly OOC; instead they have the exaggerated quality typical of characters in a farce. The scenes have the same feel; they’re just a bit over the top while somehow fitting the characters perfectly. The result is extemely funny. The ending was truly surprising & imo original.

6) Out of the closet, into the frying pan by Cairnsy – PG-slash

Percy has decided to tell his family that he is dating Oliver Wood. The problem is that the entire Weasley family is too innocent (or would that be too thick?) to know what Percy is going on about.
Mother Knows Best by victoria p. - PG-13

  The main character is Molly Weasley, who having got an idea in her head, refuses to have it dislodged. She thinks Bill is gay. Moreover, she thinks he will be a wonderful match for Remus.Complications ensue. Bill is shocked. Remus is amused. Sirius is very, very angry.Moving from perspective to perspective (Molly, then Bill, then Molly again, then Sirius) makes it even funnier, as we get to see events from differently hilarious viewpoints.

8) Slytherin Study Group (series) - rabbit and ~v~Jinx~v~ - G

 These are fantastic! These (pre-OotP) stories are (with one exception) set in the previous generation at Hogwarts and focus on Snape, Lucius Malfoy, and the elder Crabbe and Goyle, with Narcissa in and out.The tales are increasingly, exuberantly silly and absolutely hilarious.
 I highly recommend continuing to the others (beyond the first), which follow the lads through further difficulties in Transfiguration and pit them against the Gryffindor quartet -- and sometimes, to all parties' disgust, force cooperation. You will learn about the psychology of transfigured objects (which hold grudges), the difficulties of stealing sheep at Hogwarts (especially with a werewolf along, whether he is on your side or not), the sadistic sense of humor of both faculty and student body, what Snape is like when he's high (and being shepherded to detention by cute Hufflepuffs), and the alarmingly musical properties of magical cleaning supplies. You'll howl with laughter -- or should I say bleat?
9)  Hogwarts Staff Meeting -- Inkwolf -- PG-13
Summary: With the school approaching bankruptcy, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore had a simple plan ... he ordered Ancient Runes teacher J.K.Rowling to write a series of books about an imaginary student, for sale to Muggles.


The creepiest fic I have ever met /wins hands down

A Nice Cup of Tea And A Lie Down - Bernice - PG13/R House:Dark Arts

Note: Sistermagpie & slinkhard (& other Hagrid-'lovers') don't let it stop you from reading this fic. In fact, I think you will specially enjoy it.

Summary:  Bernice writes a majestically, absurdly, horrifically plausible one-shot so shocking and twisted and weird and CREEPY and so right, all at once. Harry is despondent. Someone close to him has turned on him (pre HBP). He goes to see Hagrid and Hagrid does what he always does: dispenses tea and uneatable food and his own brand of wisdom. Sound dull? Sound predictable? It's not. Just trust me on that one.


 1) Love Is...Acknowledgement - Adelina – Ron/Luna
2) Marshmallows -- leftsockarchive –  R/Hr
 Summary: Ron and Hermione think they're alone in the Gryffindor common room. They are not.
Marshmallows is creative, fun, and amusing… in other words something completely and pleasantly new in a category that is quickly growing cliched because of how old the ship is. The entire fic is from the point of view of the great-great-great (etc.) granddaughter of Aragog. Delia (the spider) has taken residence in Gryffindor Tower, and likes to watch in particular “the smartest witch to ever attend Hogwarts” and the boy with “hair the color of the sun.” They amuse her above all the other students.
This non-human point of view is creative enough to warrant a Niffle all by itself, but the fic is also quite amusing, injecting thoughts so that it really feels like a spider is the narrator. Marshmallows is a wonderful read: well-written, smooth, with brilliant characterization and ideas… a must read.

3) Terminology - Andreas - PG13 – HP/DM

Summary: Draco needs to research some terminology. H/D
Harry makes a snide comment to Draco and Draco has no idea what he's talking about... not until he looks it up, anyway. When he does, he realizes what Potter's been saying and they make a bet...
Any H/D fan will find themselves grinning or squeeing uncontrollably. Actually, many people who are not H/D fans might find themselves grinning anyway.

4) To Sever the Lining From a Cloud- G- Textual Sphinx

 Summary: Delicate and touching come to mind when reading this fantastic story by Textual Sphinx. And educational, yes, very educational as one, with Snape, considers how beauty is found in the strangest of places.
Lily Evans is getting married.Still, even after Lily gets engaged to another man, Severus can’t help but demonstrate his affection, tangibly, completely, and as these tales often go, anonymously. He decides to create a stunning gift for her, sacrificing part of him for a woman who, he knows, will never return his love. In the depiction of the creation of this gift and the making thereof, Textual Sphinx’s mastery of language shines. The description of the sacrifice, the pain and the creation of a masterpiece all ring with intense honesty. In the final moments, after James has happened upon Severus’ secret mission, the reader will be moved with emotion and may pause to wonder “what if…?”

5) A Test of Wills, or Flirting for the Socially Inept by HRHBunbury –PG- romance, humor—Lupin/Tonks

Summary: She was bored. He was reading. Tonks sets on a one woman mission to distract a studious Remus Lupin from his book. But she has no ulterior motives at all. None. Honestly. This fic is simplistic, fun, and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

6)  Ron's Soliloquy by Lady Norbert –G (humor+ missing moment+R/Hr)

Summary: What happened the night of the Yule Ball in book 4? In this comic love story, Fred and George invade Ron's dreams and force him to look at all the evidence from books 2, 3 and 4 that spell out his real feelings for Hermione.
 7)  Muggle Studies by Slytherincess—R - Draco/Pansy , R/Hr

Summary: Fifth Year: Draco Malfoy loses a formal wizards' duel to George and Ron Weasley and is forced to take Muggle Studies as a consequence. Unable to resist bearing witness to Draco's shame, the Gryffindors and Malfoy's fellow Slytherins also decide to come along for the ride. Told from the view of Pansy Parkinson. Unexpected surprises and insights are in store for both groups. Realistic, Slytherin-centric story, with romance, humor, drama, and maybe a touch of angst here and there. Started before OoTP.
The amusing premise of this story may mask its true emotional power from the reader who is casually glancing at summaries, but don't be fooled! Muggle Studies is an honest and compelling foray into adolescence, love, rivalry, revenge, and what it means to be a Slytherin.This story, told largely from Pansy's PoV, focuses on Draco and Pansy's budding relationship during their fifth year at Hogwarts, but it is much more than a romance fic. It is an intense character study that allows the reader to really get to know Draco and Pansy. It challenges Slytherin stereotypes and makes the reader re-examine perceptions of both Gryffindor and Slytherin.Slytherincess's characterization of Pansy is especially insightful. Slytherincess created a funny, sharp-tongued, worldview-questioning, and above all, sympathetic young woman.
quote: It was bad enough he was completely inept at friendship, he had realized, but now the additional prospect of juggling his insane adolescent impulses caused him to seriously consider taking asylum in the Randy, Yet Emotionally Retarded wing at St. Mungo's.


8) Over Tea -- by DementorDelta – PG --SS/HP

Summary: Snape and McGonagall forge an unusual friendship until a certain student tests the bonds. .
One of my favourite nifty storytelling devices is the telling of a story, especially a love story, from the perspective of an outside observer. In DementorDelta’s Over Tea, that observer is Minerva McGonagall, who begins to bond with Severus Snape in the night of the Potters’ death when he turns spy for Dumbledore, and who watches his strained relationship with young Harry Potter.
DementorDelta’s Minerva is both endearing and in character – acerbic, protective, affectionate and with more than just a touch of her animagus form’s inherent curiosity. And while Snape has a rare humanity and a sense of humour in this story, Over Tea also provides a convincing motive for his treatment of Harry in canon.
What makes the story so refreshing is that it uses a series of scenes over the years to comment on the growing friendship between Severus and Minerva, symbolised by their habit of having tea together even under the strangest of circumstances. The romance itself creeps in almost unnoticed, which adds a lot of realism and credibility.
Despite its potential for angst (it’s Harry/Snape, what did you expect? ), the story has a light-hearted atmosphere and more than just a dash of humour. The dialogue in the scenes between McGonagall and Snape just sparkles, and will be enjoyable even for those who aren’t fond of the actual pairing.

1)  Brilliance - PG - DramaQueen -House: Dark Arts
Summary: Cho Chang muses on why Hermione Granger isn't a Ravenclaw.
A temper tantrum in the beginning of this fanfiction leads Cho Chang to wonder why exactly the “Stupid, ugly Mudblood” isn’t in Ravenclaw. Every year, Cho sets a new record, and the next year, Hermione Granger predictably tops it, and Cho’s name is gone from the trophy. It’s not that Hermione’s smart. She’s actually a moron, by Ravenclaw standards.
In a biting, and somewhat bitter way, DramaQueen has captured a spirit of feistiness for Cho, transferring that to her thoughts and her musings on Hermione Granger. The end result is somewhat short, but refreshing with its tongue and cheek humor. She completely slashes our conception of Ravenclaw as hard studiers with brilliant homework skills, and turns them into a house that doesn’t bother to correct this “misconception”.  

2) Herpetology - Andrea13 and Persephone Kore - PG

Summary:Herpo the Foul, basilisk breeder of yore, winds up unconscious and nibbled by gnomes behind the Burrow. Ginny really finds Parselmouths in the oddest places, doesn't she?
I like to think of this story as the antidote to dark!fic. Light and positive, though not fluffy, reading it just makes you feel good. One of those rare fics that is truly original. Set just after the end of the war, the story begins when Ginny stumbles upon Herpo the Foul, ancient creator of the basilisk, in the back garden. Despite the strangeness of this premise, the writers go on to tell a story that is both plausible and very entertaining.

 3) Literacy - narie_the_waitress - PG-House: TDA-Rating: PG
Summary: Sirius is an illiterate prat, James doesn't care for the Dark Arts, Peter just wants to pass Astronomy and Remus is a werewolf. Hogwarts, years 1 and 2.
 In this lovely one-shot, narie shows us the easy relationships between the four boys and the comfortable way they work and live together. Each of the four is well characterised and fans of Peter in particular will find much to enjoy here. The interaction between Remus and Sirius is also delightful: Remus is attempting to educate Sirius by lending him books, but Sirius has his own ideas…

4) The Last Mudblood - furiosity- R-House: The Dark Arts
 Summary: The war is over, and Voldemort has won. Harry Potter is dead. Neville Longbottom is a Death Eater, and together with Draco Malfoy they lead a manhunt for Hermione Granger, the last Muggle-born witch. It's really that simple. Or is it?
Niffle/Commentary: A superb one-shot that demonstrates how to write an angsty future fic. With canonically compatible characterizations, clever plotlines, and twist and turns aplenty, this fic amazes throughout.

5)The Well-Ordered Mind -- Garland Graves -- PG 
Summary: 'Albus Dumbledore, On Beauty' /philosophic musings/